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Lab Members

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Sarkis K. Mazmanian - Luis B. and Nelly Soux Professor of Microbiology; Heritage Principal Investigator

Soux Professor, Caltech, 2014- present
Professor, 2012-2014; Assistant Professor, Caltech, 2006-2012.
BS - University of California (Los Angeles) 1995; Ph.D., 2002. 






Yvette Garcia-Flores - Lab Manager/Research Associate

email: yvette
Caltech since 2007
MS - Univ. California, Los Angeles
BS - Mount St. Mary's College



Hiutung Chu - Postdoctoral Scholar

email: hiuchu
Caltech since 2011
PhD- Univ. California, Davis
BS - Univ. California, Berkeley



Gil Sharon- Postdoctoral Scholar

email: gsharon
Caltech since 2011
PhD - Univ. Tel Aviv, Israel
MS - Univ. Tel Aviv, Israel
BS - Univ. Tel Aviv, Israel



Wei-Li Wu - Postdoctoral Scholar

email: wlwu
Caltech since 2012
PhD- National Defense Medical Center, Taiwan
BS - National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan



Tim Sampson - PostdoctoralScholar

email: trsamps
Caltech since 2014
PhD - Emory University
BS - Univ. of Pittsburgh



Brittany Needham - Postdoctoral Scholar

email: bneedham
Caltech since 2014
PhD- M. Stephen Trent Lab, UT Austin
BS - Brigham Young University


Catherine (Katie) Schretter - Graduate Student

email: cschrett
Caltech since 2011
BS - University of Virginia




Gregory Donaldson - Graduate Student

email: gdonalds
Caltech since 2011
BS - Univ. Maryland, College Park




Peter Rapp - Graduate Student 

email: prapp
Caltech since 2012
BS - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Chemistry




Bryan Yoo - Graduate Student 

email: yoo.bryan
Caltech since 2014
BS - Stanford University, Biology




Taren Thron - Technician/Gnoto Facility Manager

email: tarenj19
Caltech since 2007




Indah Kusumawardhani - Technician               

email: indahpk
Caltech since 2014
BS - University of California, Berkeley        



Nikki Cruz - Technician

email: njdc
Caltech since 2014
BS - Cal State University Norhridge, Biology




Anastasiya Moiseyenko - Technician

email: anamois
Caltech since 2017
BS - Rutgers University